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A Day in the Life of a Search Engine Optimizer

What exactly does a search engine optimizer do? I get asked this question often and it is apparent that, unless you are on the front lines of search engine marketing, there are very few people who understand the scope of the SEO industry.

SEO is made up of three basic components 1) quality content with logical site structure 2) quality link building 3) analyzing and reporting results for target website and competitors.

 Identify target keywords

Researching and identifying target keywords that will produce the best results for the client.

 Analyze analytics

Reviewing performance results and trends for targeted keywords and locations reveal areas of concern and strength.

Search console analysis

Reviewing search console analysis -reviewing historical data along with current trends using Webmaster Tools highlights any technical issues or any penalties that could be affecting rankings.

Site audit

On site audit identifies performance issues regarding page load speed, meta tags, mobile friendliness, proper use of heading tags, URL structure and user-friendliness.

Link building

Google has updated it’s algorithm to penalize any site that is linked to from a number of low-quality inbound links however quality links are still relevant to gaining position in Google page rank.


Monitoring competition.  Monitoring your competition’s page rank can provide valuable insights or inspiration for boosting your own.

Research current trends

Much like fashion a new season brings new trends in what it takes to stay on the Google runway.  Something that worked yesterday doesn’t work tomorrow and a search engine optimizer spends just as much optimizing a specific website as they do staying up to date with search engine trends and technology.  Trust me. It’s a full time job.











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