#1 in Google

How Do I Get to be #1 in Search Engines Like Google in 2018

The scene of the search engine algorithm is ever-changing and those not keeping on top of the updates will be left behind…or rather on page 2.

How do you get to be #1 in Google in 2018?

Google has recently expanded it’s mobile indexing so that there is now a separate result for mobile optimized pages. Websites that are optimized for speed and usability on a device or tablet will rank higher.  Preference is also given to websites making use of AMP which scales down the design elements to deliver a basic presentation of content on mobile devices.

To rank #1 you will want to take a look at your page speed and responsiveness.  Another aspect is providing useful content to the user.  Fresh content is also a ranking factor, ensuring that query deserved freshness factor (QDF) is being addressed with any trending topics. Schema markup, title and metatags, robots.txt, sitemaps anchor text links and high value links from external websites are also factors that will help you get to #1 in Google.