search engine optimization basics

SEO-The Basics

How do I Rank on the first page of Google?

search engine optimization basics

Unfortunately no one truly knows the secret.  In fact Google has hired a 3rd party company to provide SEO for their new product launch.  Here are some basic guidelines for improving your search ranking on Google.

  1. Provide quality content. Google has the best interest of the user in mind, not the marketing department.  If you provide quality content, which is indicated by a higher click-through rate and lower bounce rate, Google determines that your content is consumer friendly.
  2. Ensure your website design is mobile friendly. Mobile usage is quickly outpacing desktop and in recent months Google has rejiggered the algorithms and ranking results to favour those sites that are mobile device responsive.
  3. Use keyword rich titles and snippets. Quality titles and accurate meta tag descriptions tell Google what the page is all about and enables them to generate snippets that return user friendly data in the search results.
  4. Use structured data to allow site features such as reviews, events, search boxes etc. to add to the user experience.
  5. Avoid using black hat SEO tactics that will get you blacklisted.

There is no quick fix to launch a site one day and return on the first page of Google the next but by following the guidelines above you could expect favourable results within a few weeks to a few months. Depending of course, on the search competition and keywords you are targeting.  To discuss a realistic SEO strategy for your business give us a call.  519.872.3578