website that rank in google for keyword searches

Social Media and SEO – Can You Optimize Your Social Media Accounts for Google Page Rank?

website that rank in google for keyword searches

This graphic shows the websites that return most often for keyword ranking. Yes it is possible to optimize your social media accounts.

Here are some tips on how to use your social media accounts to gain position for your chosen keywords.

Effective Keyword Research

The most effective strategy to use is identifying long-tailed keywords and phrases. Evidence shows that more specific keywords more often trigger social media results in Google.

Use Good Descriptions

For example on Pinterest, create boards that share a central theme but break down enough to target specific user needs ie. “Backyard Decor Ideas” or “Patio Lanterns”. Each image should have well-written descriptions that incorporate keywords.

Use Schema/Markup

Never heard of it?  This technique is one of the easiest ways to identify the content on your website or blog and optimize it for search engines and social media.   Identify which relevant content types are on your website and implement markup.  If you aren’t sure how, give us a call.

Post Regularly

With all social media the level of engagement with your content helps search algorithms (both within the social media platform and  general search engines ie. Google) determine which posts should rank. Even sharing, pinning, liking or favoriting other brands can keep help keep your engagement fresh and dynamic and sustain momentum ensuring search engine algorithms regard your content as relevant.